"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let Me Out

Things I regret this week
  1. I had a conversation with a baby spider.  I told him I would let him live if he crawled back into his hole, and he did.  It was three 'o clock in the morning and I was feeling generous.  But baby spider mistook my act of kindness as free reign in the house and spread the word to the rest of his posse.  Homeboys started coming out of the cracks everywhere.  I was disappointed...in myself.  I let my guard down but I am once again armed with a shoe and roll of toilet paper.
  2. I took the babies to CVS for a super quick trip close to bedtime after a full day of play and without a nap.  I could have traveled at the speed of light and it still would have been disastrous.  Izzie and Noah handle being tired differently.  Izzie lays around, is pretty chilled and more prone to crying if she gets hurt or in trouble.  Noah just turns into a more beastly version of himself.  He didn't want to hang out in his usual perch strapped in the front of the cart.  He kept shrieking, "Down! Down!"  Against my better judgment, I let him loose.  He wreaked havoc in the makeup aisle and started chewing on tubes of lipstick and massacre mascara (good thing I proof read this).  He swiped bags of halloween candy off the shelves and tried to tear them open.  He had a tug of war with the shopping cart and me.  It was damp and pouring rain when we got out to the truck.  Noah pitched a fit and would not get in his seat.  I was tired and getting soaked.  I held him down and buckled him up.  He was not impressed and screamed the whole way home.  It was a really long two minute drive home.
  3. Depending on modern day appliances which always seem to let you down.  My washer, dryer and microwave are not doing their part around here and I'm having to pick up the slack.  For real, does anybody even use those washboards anymore?  I may have to invest in one.  I'm starting to feel a bit claustrophobic with the laundry piling up.  
  4. Letting Noah have chocolate milk when his allergies were bothering him.  Did you know that chocolate milk triples in volume once ingested?  I know this because within five minutes of consumption, Noah threw up his body weight in chocolate milk.  He gets very upset when anything comes back up that he put in.  We've been limiting his milk intake because it doesn't agree with mucus and tends to caused more phlegm than it's worth.  But he was desperate for some and he was so upset so I gave him just a little bit.  In my defense, you have never seen Noah ask and plead and beg for chocolate milk.  It's like looking into the eyes of Bambi.  I do say no, all the time actually.  Noah asks for his chocolate milk all day, every day.  It's a debilitating addiction.  He gets shaky and has bouts of rage.  I'm not kidding.  The next time he asks you for chocolate milk and you say no, watch what happens.  I blame the first person who ever gave my sweet, organic plain, soy milk lovin' boy a taste of the good stuff.  There are conflicting reports on who this person is though, so I will reserve my judgment until I have definitive proof. 
I am so glad this week is almost over.  Noah has been throwing up snot, mucus, and whatever else is in his stomach.  Izzie has been clinging to me like a baby monkey (which I do love, except when I turn into a jungle gym).  I have been trying to make my lungs happy while fighting a monster migraine.  The lack of sleep and vitamin D are starting to show on my already pale, allergy stricken face.  My children look a bit pathetic as well with red, swollen eyes and patchy skin.  I love the color purple but not under their eyes.  We need to get out.  So we're off on an adventure.

Tomorrow we're going to Westview Orchards and Adventure Farm.  It's as much fun as it sounds.  Watching the cider mill press fresh apples into delicious apple cider; throwing calories out the window while eating melt in your mouth doughnut goodness; feeding baby chicks, goats, and petting timid bunnies; climbing straw mountain, the Mount Everest of hay; squealing down slides and crawling through tunnels; visiting the schoolhouse ice cream & sweet shoppe; enjoying wagon rides to the giant corn maze and leaving with the feeling that you've fully submerged yourself into fall.  Last year Izzie had a great time but Noah wasn't quite old enough to realize all the fun that was there for him.  This year will be so different and I can't wait.  Eeek!!

Things I did not regret this week
  1. I cheated and made a grilled cheese sandwich along with a bowl of organic tomato soup.  I enjoyed every delicious morsel.  
  2. I made a hair mask with olive oil and egg and left the mask on my hair for about an hour.  The results were amazing.
  3. Lots of cuddle time with my babies
  4. Finger painting tonight.  We had a blast.





Thank goodness Daddy wasn't home.  He may have had a heart attack or locked himself in the bedroom until it was all over.

 Our foot prints

 Our hand prints

 Before Noah turned himself into a work of art he helped Izzie turn this into a work of art.

Izzie did most of the work on this one.


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