"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Saturday, October 09, 2010


My husband shaved his head and has taken a vow of silence, which might not be a bad thing considering his language and anger in front of the kiddies today.  

Let me explain.  There was a football game today.  My husband is a University of Michigan Football Fanatic, but sometimes that comes at a great price.  Like today when U of M lost to Michigan State, he didn't handle it so well.  My daughter is enamored with U of M and wants to make sure she cheers for the right team.  When Michigan State scored Izzie would say, "Aww, the mean white guys scored."  Yah, I know.  But all she saw was white and blue.  And she wanted those blue guys to win so bad.  Every time Kris jumped up and yelled, Izzie and Noah would look at him half-scared like, 'Aww, those guys in the T.V. are in big trouble.  Daddy is mad.'  Then there was the moment when Kris walked out of the room growling about the game.  Noah was right behind him, stomping and growling about the game.  Funny, I will admit, but not the father-son moments I adore.

Izzie woke up bright and early with her cough and sore throat.  I gave her a cough drop, my phone (to play games) and laid next to her hoping for a few more minutes of rest.  Noah didn't wake up until nine thirty.  I had a list; a list that didn't get started until much later than planned because my babies were plastered to me all morning.  It was I could do to peel them off of me for five minutes so I could rinse off in the shower.  I understand their need to be close to me at all times.  Besides the fact that I'm their Momma and pretty much rock, they're both miserable right now.  Oh, they have fun and do they're best to ignore how they feel, but their allergies are bringing them down right now.  They both have this horrible, chesty cough that makes me cringe every time I hear it.  Noah is used to his snot infested, runny nose.  He wriggles his nose and comes up to me so I can wipe it.  But his eyes have been itchy and watery and he doesn't know what to make of it.  He's constantly poking, rubbing, and blinking his eyes.  He actually let me give him a cold compress.  He seemed relieved.  

By seven 'o clock the babies were whipped.  They started the day already running on low.  They had fun with Grandma and Bepa who came over to watch the massacre with us.  They ate.  They played.  Auntie Darla also stopped by and she received a very enthusiastic welcome.  Izzie ran over and gave her a big hug.  Noah ran over to each person and said, "Momma (Daddy, Grandma, Bepa, Dakota)?!?!  Darla's here!!"  I was finishing cleaning and getting pj's out for bed and the babies were in the living room watching Diego.  Kris walked into the living room to get Noah and found him snuggled up with blanket in his chair.  He was slumped over and half asleep.  He perked up a bit as I got him ready for bed.  Both kids helped put away their toys.  Izzie had a disagreement with her chair.  Apparently it didn't like the way she was holding it and came down hard on her big toe; so hard that part of the chair came loose and had to be pushed back in.  My baby girl was in pain.  She was also very fortunate that the chair didn't hit any closer to her nail or the toe nail probably would have popped right off.  I rocked her my arms on the couch as she sobbed.  Noah crawled up by me and started crying as well.  We moved the crying fest to the nursery and after a our nightly bedtime routine that included a little extra time in the rocking chair, they immediately fell sound asleep.

  He really did shave it.

Sad to say, this is not the face of someone whose beloved team just lost.  This is the look of Kris.  His normal, every day look.  He doesn't have to fake this look.  It's his and he's proud of it, most of the time.  He will definitely be using it to his advantage when boys start taking an interest in Izzie.    

*Personally, I love football.  I love the game, plain and simple.  I have never let the influence of family or friends sway me towards one team or another.  If I was going to root for my sibling's school, I would have to split myself into four different people.  In my family we have University of Michigan, Western Michigan, Michigan State, and Central Michigan.  So, basically, I'm a lover of Michigan football.  I'm also a lover of any and all things pink.  Pink trumps all else, so I say "GO PINK!" 

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