"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Friday Frenzy

After a rough start, Friday turned out to be not so bad.  I had a wicked migraine, and Izzie was wheezy when she woke up, which is unusual for her because she's not my wheezy one.  She felt better and did go to preschool.  I went home and did a bit of house cleaning.  I dusted, vacuumed, did some laundry and then decided to clean every window in my house.  My hibernating instinct is starting to kick in to prepare for the cold weather that will be here all too soon.  It would be a little difficult, and impossible for me, to clean the windows when it snows since I'm allergic to it.  I freeze, literally, from the inside out.  The only thing that reverses this allergic reaction is a hot toddy or Irish coffee.

I've been meaning the clean the windows for awhile.  Yah, we know how that goes.  But whatever, I started cleaning the windows and did the inside of all of them.  Noah followed behind me with his little duster, which was later confiscated after he turned it into a weapon.  Kris and I took the babies to Costco to replenish our supply of diapers, toilet paper, butt wipes, Lysol wipes, you know, the essentials.  Kris went to bed when we got home and after some more cleaning I headed out with the babies once again for a 'big shop'.  A 'big shop' is when I load up on deals and/or stock up on things that will last weeks, sometimes months.  I go to the market and Meijer once a week for fresh dairy and produce, things like that.  Those short trips can turn into the grocery-trip from-hell-nightmare that never ends.  Why take on this daunting task that involved running around to three grocery stores to get the best deals?  I definitely wasn't feeling a surge of energy.  The babies could have taken a late nap, and I would have crawled into bed with them.  But it was Friday which meant pay day.  The deals were only good for one more day before the next ad started.  I had my list.  I had my grocery money.  We were off.  First stop was Meijer.  We visited the fishes, hey free entertainment.  Noah was zoned out in the front of the cart.  Izzie did great minus a few chats about not running around as to avoid any accidents.  Second stop was Kroger.  Izzie and Noah serenaded a sweet, elderly lady with a harmonizing rendition of 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.'  Third stop was Village Market.  There is this giant, kinda freaky puppy right inside the store.  The music it plays reminds me of the circus.  I rewarded the babies good behavior by letting them ride on the puppy when we were done.  It was fifty cents for one ride.  Phish, rip off.  For that price, you kiddos can share a ride.  Actually, I had them ride together because one would not be able to stand waiting for the other.  Noah seemed a bit unsure and nervous at first, but he loved it.  Perfect ending to a strange-without any major incidents-shopping trip.

Sort of hard to get a clear shot with the puppy springing forward like it was chasing a squirrel, only it couldn't because it was glued to the floor.  This was towards the end of the ride and they were so happy.  On the way out to the truck, Izzie said, "Momma, I'm so happy.  I'm smiling.  See, this is my smile."

I was so happy too.  I saved a bunch of money and didn't want stick my head in a bucket of ice when we were done.

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