"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Sunday, October 03, 2010

"Where did his eye go?"

You know how some people wear themselves inside out?  What I mean is that they wear clothes with phrases and words that express how they're feeling.  While I would never do that...anymore, this week I really wanted to wear a top that said 'Out of Service'.  That way when people looked at me and couldn't help but stare at my pasty, zombie like features, hopefully they  would also notice what my top said.  As they politely stayed out of the way of my son on a rampage, maybe they would put the puzzle together and think, "She probably doesn't always look like that.  The poor dear just needs some rest and maybe a tranquilizer."  Maybe they would realize that underneath it all, I was youthful and have clear skin.  Maybe not, but I feel like  wearing the top would help.  I used to have this tank top when I was younger that I wore all the time underneath my other tops.  (I wore tank tops instead of bras because my sisters stole the boob genes from me.)  Anyway, this tank was yellow with a black 'Girls line, Do Not Cross' design written all over it.  A lot of good the tank did me, but it was still my favorite and I have no idea what happened to it.  I lose things or misplace things all the time.  I have yet to misplace a child, but this week was tempting.  I have a lot of strength and patience when it comes to Beast, but the past few weeks have drained my already weakened reserves dry.

I decided to run away.  Actually I decided to surprise the babies and take them for a much needed visit to Nana and Papa's house.  I'll fill you in on our weekend tomorrow but for now here are a few happy moments I caught this week.

I took the kids through the halloween section at the grocery store to curb Noah's growing tantrum.  It worked.

I told Izzie to give me a 'cool' look.  
I wouldn't mess with her, would you?

This is Noah's hair five years into the future, only blond.
Actually, he looks just like is Uncle Jojo now.

What is going on inside that head of his...

 Meet Oobi from Nick Jr.  I was in a cake supply store and found these in different colors.  Izzie and Noah were so excited because they love Oobi.

Aww...Hi, Oobi.  You're so cute, and Oobilicious. (Okay, that's dumb, I apologize)

How quickly things change.  Poor Oobi.  Izzie didn't want to play with hers after this happened.  Sorry, Oobi.  You're just not as much fun with one eye.
After four years of failing to do my own canning (too sick and/or pregnant) I am finally canning this year.  I'm not doing much, but so far I've done some apple pie filling and apple butter, Yum:)

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