"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, November 22, 2010


Cantankerous and Icky are words that best describe the end of last week.  You can guess what Noah contributed to the week.  He has given up his passy with no problems but he's been battling a cold for a couple of weeks and Vampire's tooth cousin Vampire tooth has been giving him hell.  It refuses to come in.  Plus he's testing the limits...big time.  But he still has his cute looks:)

Izzie has been battling a cold has well and towards the end of the week it took a turn for the worse.  She stayed home from preschool on Wednesday because her eyes were a little crusty but by Friday she seemed better so I her go to school.  When I went to pick her up, her eyes were fully of goop.  I felt so bad for bringing her because if she had pink eye, it's highly contagious.  Her teacher said not to worry about it and that it's quite common with her class because of the age group, etc.  I took her to the doctor that afternoon.  Izzie is all about familiarity.  Even though her regular doctor and a team of nurses traumatized her last year during 'The Event', Izzie still preferred Mr. doctor over anyone else.  A very nice Mrs. doctor came in and said hi.  Izzie's immediate response was, "You're not my guy doctor."  

When I made Izzie's appointment I had a few choices of who was available.  I picked a doctor whom the babies had seen once before and I knew how nice and good with kids she was.  Actually, all the doctors at this pediatrics office are wonderful.  Mrs. doctor came in and introduced herself and asked Izzie how old she was and if she went to preschool.  Izzie piped up right away and started telling her all about school and her best friend, Jason Carr.  Mrs. doctor asked her about halloween and what costume she wore.  Izzie excitedly talked about being a purple dinosaur and before you knew it, Mrs. doctor and Izzie were best friends.  Mrs. doctor asked Izzie why she wasn't feeling well and Izzie said, "I have goopy eyes.  They itch."  Mrs. doctor asked Izzie if she could check in her ears and listen to her heart.  Izzie shouted, "Momma she has a heartbeat checker around her neck."

Mrs doctor examined Izzie and I was very happy that she did not have any ear infections.  She did however have a sinus infection and a pretty bad case of bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye).  Thankfully, it's been a year since Izzie's been on any antibiotics so she was prescribed amoxicillin (the pink stuff) and eye drops.  Even though it was no fun being at the doctor in the first place, Izzie was a champ.  This was her first appointment since last year that she didn't freak out.

I dropped Izzie off at home with Kris and ran up, okay I drove, to get her medicine.  When I got home Izzie was watching, 'Cars'.  Kris said that at one point she started crying because she couldn't see.  Her eyes kept filling up with goop:(  The moment I had been dreading since her appointment had come.  There are certain things children don't like.  I would put eye drops at the top of that list.  I spent some time explaining to Izzie what we needed to do and she said she would let me put the drops in.  Every time I got close to her eyes, she would fling her arms up over her face in an act of defense and start crying.  After twenty minutes I realized that no amount of sweet talk or bribing was going to get the drops in her eyes.  I did what any mother would do.  I sat on her.  I pinned her down, gently people, and held her head with one hand while putting the drops in one eye with the other hand.  Her eyes were fiercely closed so I put the drops in the corner of her eye.  When she opened her eye the liquid flowed in.  I did the other eye and released her.  Phew!  I high fived her and gave her two stickers.  I looked at her and said, "That wasn't so bad.  We only have to do this three times a day." 

This was after a couple of doses.  Her eyes already look sooo much better in this picture, but you can tell where it's red all around her eyes.  It seriously looked like someone punched her in the eyes.  I've seen a lot of pink eye and this is the worse case I've ever seen.  I cried for my baby girl.  I had to pin her down the first few times to get the drops in but by Saturday evening she was a pro.  She would say, "Momma, I'm going to lay down, close my eyes and let you put the drops in.  Then I'm going to open my eyes up."  When we were done, she would get two stickers.  She liked to put them on her face.  

           She got stickers every time she got eye drops so by the end of the day she would end up with several on her face.  I thought the smiley faces were appropriate:)

The great news about pink eye is that no matter what kind you have, with proper treatment, the eyes clear up pretty quickly.  Plus, because Izzie's was bacterial, she was no longer contagious after being on an antibiotic for 24 hours.  Not that she was raring to go anywhere.  After a weekend of rest, Izzie is back at school today and feeling more like herself again.  

We're praying that the weather clears up for our photo shoot this afternoon.  I like saying photo shoot because it sounds fancy, but we're really just getting the babies pictures taken at a park.  My brother and sister-in-law's friend is a photographer and he's going to get some proper pictures of my gorgeous children. 


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures, Izzie's eyes made me so sad.. I hope they are bright and healthy in 25 days!!!!!!!!

  2. We have to reschedule the pictures. We got rained out, boo. Hopefully, we can do them next week.