"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The End

Part III:  Let Him Be Free

This was serious business and Noah wasn't taking his job lightly.
(This is where I started to cry.)

Noah checked for craftsmanship and made sure it was put together correctly.
(I cried here too.)



For pete's sake.  I didn't stop crying after this.  I mean, look at that face.

Testing it out right away...

He's gotta try it out with all his blankets.

And Bob...You can see Bob's tail sticking out by his face.

I think he likes it.

Just chillin' in his new bed with his sista.

Grandma and Bepa bought these wood crafts for the babies at a craft show we went to in Romeo during the Peach Festival.

They absolutely loved them.

Take one...

Take two...

Take three...

Take four...And that's a wrap.

Noah's blankets were desperate for a wash but I wanted to pretty up his bed for a picture.  I used a couple of his baby blankets.

Bob and Mouse.  
He can't go to sleep without them.

 We put his sign on the side of the wall where his bed is.

I prettied up Izzie's bed for a picture so it wouldn't feel left out.  She adores this quilt.  You can't see it clearly, but in the middle there is a little girl and embroidered below it says 'Izabelle'.

Charmed, Penny, Opal
It would take the jaws of life to remove Penny from Izzie's arms.

 We put her sign above the rocking chair near her bed.

Mark it...Thursday, November 4th was Noah's first sleep in his big boy bed and he did great.  He didn't have a nap so he was definitely tired.  He was so over the moon about his new bed.  I tucked both of them in and didn't hear a peep out of their room.  I checked on them an hour and a half later and Noah hadn't moved from his restful, sleeping position.  I cried.  Then I took a picture.  I had to take the picture in the dark so it's sort of night vision, but you can still see my sleeping prince.

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