"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hunka Hunka

I was up almost all night with Noah.  Part of his molar did break through a couple of nights ago hence the blood we found in the morning.  Don't click on this if you get grossed out.  Molars are freaking big and, in Noah's case, one or two sides of the molar will break through at a time.  I sat in the rocking chair, dozing off at times, but I'm not like Kris.  I need a good bed, comforter, and drugs to fall asleep.  I'm just kidding about the drugs.  I've tried them and they don't help.  Anyway, I tried to sneak out of the room several times.  My feet were as light as a ninja but not light enough to escape Noah's super hearing and motion sensor ability.  I made it back to my room after four this morning and woke up a couple of hours later thinking about coffee intravenous therapy.  I settled for two large cups of the good stuff.  

Today is being spent cleaning, which I'm clearly taking a break from right now, and watching my children play house.  Besides feeling like my house is being overrun by kittens, it's actually quite adorable.  Izzie watched 'Olivia' this morning and the episode was about Olivia pretending that her baby brother, William, was her baby.  She took care of William as her own and at the end of a long day, or a few hours, she realized how difficult it was taking a care of a baby.  She decided she wanted to wait to be a mother.  So, not long after 'Olivia', I heard meow like cries coming from the nursery.  Then they stopped.  Izzie came out of the nursery and shut the door.  She tip toed up to me and said, "My baby Noah is sleeping."  Oh, okay.  Her and Noah have been taking turns being babies while the other one takes care of them.  They have been making baby food in their play kitchen, preparing bottles, tucking each other in bed and singing lullabies to each other.  Then they come up and say, "Shh, baby Izzie (or Noah) is sleeping."  Like I said, adorable.  

Something else that is adorable, okay really funny, is something that happened a few days ago.  I don't usually watch 'Ellen', but I was watching the end of the 'Today Show' and never changed the channel.  Ellen does this thing called 'Twelve Days of Give Away' every year and she has a celebrity (who isn't revealed until after the twelve days) come out dressed in a stuffed costume to present whatever it is she's giving away.  Noah was in the living room and all of a sudden he started shouting, "Papa! Papa!"  I ran into the living room and looked at the screen to see this.  

   This year Elvish is helping Ellen out, along with two of Santa's helpers.

What do you think?  Is there any resemblance to Papa?  Noah thinks so and so does Izzie.  As I am writing this post, she came up and saw the picture.  She said, "Momma, that looks like Papa."

Have a great weekend Everyone.  Cuddle up and stay warm.


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  1. HAHAHAHA! i can totally see the resemblance! that is TOO FUNNY. sorry about noah's molars... i will rock him to sleep in TWELVE DAYS if you want!!!!!!