"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Friday, December 03, 2010

Massacre of the Molar

I made several trips to the nursery last night.  Something was unsettling Noah.  I knew he was teething.  Vampire tooth's brother Vampire tooth finally came in and his top back molars have been trying to push through.  He's also been going through a phase where he doesn't want to go to sleep.  I always end up sitting in the rocking chair, singing until he eventually drifts off.  Last night I tried everything to comfort sweet Noah and the only thing he wanted was me.  He would grab  my face and say, "Eyes..Ears..Mouth..Nose.."  I told him that he was a big boy and it was time to go to sleep.  I walked out and went about cleaning up and wouldn't hear him cry until fifteen-twenty minutes later.  I gave him a some water.  I sang some more.  I let him play with my face.  I hugged him.  I rocked him.  I finally put a nightlight in the room, hoping a little light would put his mind at ease.  It worked.  After two and half hours of sobbing and distress, Noah (and Izzie) were finally asleep.  

This morning when I walked into the nursery I made a horrific discovery.

This picture was taken after I had already begun cleaning the floor.  I realized that I needed to document this so I snapped a few pictures. 

Poor Bob and Mouse.  I hope they're not scarred from what they witnessed last night.

Let me rewind.  Before I started cleaning up or taking any pictures, I ran out of the room to look over my babies and make sure they didn't have an limbs missing.  Izzie was fine.  Noah was covered in sleep lines and looked tired, and he had a little dried blood on his cheek.  I felt around his gums and as soon as I felt that top molar poking through, he shoved my finger out and said "Ow".  That was it.  His molar had come through and was still a bit tender.  I tried to take another look in his mouth, but Noah said, "No".

My sweet baby has not had an easy time teething.  He now has a nice row of bottom chompers, but he's still missing some of his top chompers.  Hopefully, they'll all be in soon. 

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