"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, December 13, 2010


Let's take a moment of silence for the massacred Christmas tree I saw strewn across the freeway yesterday.  Oh, Christmas tree...Your trip was short and your destiny unfulfilled.  We honor your sacrifice.

It's a snow day.  Technically, it's an ice day.  We do have around five inches of snow from our first winter storm last night, but really on it's own, not enough to close schools.  What is enough to close schools are the roads turning into a ginormous luge track.  The storm brought the cold with it.  Everything froze and turned all the snow to ice.  It looked so pretty outside this morning.  You would never know it was minus something out.  (Does it really matter what it is once it gets below zero?)  I let Dakota outside and his pee froze before it hit the ground.  I'm starting to wonder if this is the beginning of an ice age.  We have record low temperatures this week and the high today is going to be a balming thirteen degrees.  

This week should be interesting because it's going to be too cold to play out in the snow all week and I have to limit how much I take Noah out in this weather because his cold is wreaking havoc in his lungs.  Every time he coughs, he sounds like he's going to hawk up one of his cars.  We'll see how long before we start to go stir crazy.  

I'm almost finished Christmas shopping.  Lots of wrapping and baking to do along with getting things ready for our trip to the west side next week.  Eeek!!  T-Minus six days until Melody comes home for the holidays.    

After a long day yesterday, we stopped off for an early dinner on our way home from church and did a little Christmas shopping after.  Izzie didn't finish her meal and when we got home she asked, "Can I have the rest of my curly fries Momma?"  What she should have said was, "Can I have a plate of ketchup Momma?"  She gets her love for condiments from my side of the family. 

Kris was exhausted because he had called into work and stayed at the church all night getting the lights ready for Heritage's first Christmas service.  He was only going to get a few hours of sleep before heading into work so Izzie and I tucked him into bed and closed the door.  Noah came around the corner and started sobbing hysterically.  I thought he wanted to say goodnight to Kris so I opened the door and told Kris that Noah was really upset because he didn't get to say goodnight.  Noah ran in, and grabbed his truck that he left on the railing of the bed.  He said, "Thank you Momma", and ran out.  Sorry Daddy...

*Update*  The time is 10:45 and it now 9 degrees.  Woohoo!!

The hairs inside my nose are frozen.  Did I mention I'm inside?

12 days until Christmas!

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