"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finicky vs. Famished

Picky vs. Peckish 

There are two sides of Izzie when it comes to food.  One side of her is super picky and gags at the site of something she doesn't like.  She may like something one day, but adamantly refuse to eat it the next.  She eats like a bird, picking at her food, rarely finishing a meal and not eating much throughout the day.  The other side of Izzie is starving all the time.  She'll eat two waffles for breakfast and finish off Noah's as well.  She'll come up to you every five minutes and say she's hungry.  You'll walk into the kitchen to find her jumping up at the edge of the counter in order to reach the grapes.  She'll turn with a mouthful and say, "I just took one grape."  One may think this side of Izzie will eat anything and now is the time to fill her up with all those yummy green vegetables and 90% of all the other foods she hates.  But this is Izzie were talking about and this side of her is still just as picky as ever.  I have to make sure I keep stocked up on the 10% percent of foods she does like.

So what causes this voracious side of Izzie?  Growth.  A change of height.  As in she's getting taller.  Longer.  Right now she is going through a growth spurt.  With this new growth comes growing pains.  Izzie went through her first bout of growing pains some time ago, I don't remember exactly when.  I do remember those long nights of rubbing her legs while she cried softly half asleep.  Not fun.  Another unpleasant side effect of her growth spurt is that she'll inhale too much food at once and end up with a tummy ache.  She'll finish one thing and say, "Done!  I'm still hungry."  I have to remind her of what happens when she eats too much at once.  Unlike Noah, Izzie doesn't have the experience of eating massive amounts of food without any discomfort afterward.

(I started writing this post during the kids nap time.  I had to stop here because Izzie woke up crying that her legs hurt:(  I rubbed her legs for twenty minutes or so, then rocked her.  Noah crawled up in the rocking chair as well saying he was cold.  We rocked for another twenty minutes before it was time to wake up Kris.  He always goes up to the church on Tuesday for music practice before he heads off to work.)

Well, the kids are in bed again.  They had a nice bath and I think the warm water helped Izzie's legs relax.  We also did some extra stretching before bed.  Giving a little bit of pain reliever is always a last resort so we'll see how tonight goes.  I'm going to set out my heating pad too.

During their bath tonight Izzie tried to teach Noah how to say 'fragile'.  First she just repeated the word fragile several times.  Noah wasn't getting the 'fr' sound so she broke the word up.  She would say, "Noah say 'FRA'...(pause)...GILE."  Izzie did this with him several times until he got it.  I thought it was really cute until 'fragile' turned into 'fagile' which turned into 'faggy' which turned into 'fatty'.  That's when I stopped learning time.  They thought it was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing.  I told Izzie if she was going to teach Noah new words they had to be real words and nice words.  I know, I'm so mean.  Whatever.  I really don't want Noah, or Izzie for that matter, going up to someone and calling them a fatty faggy.   

It's been snowing pretty much all day, but really picked up this afternoon.  The kids are loving it.  They haven't played out in the snow yet this season.  The first significant storm we had also came with an arctic chill and it was way too cold for them to be outside.  I think this week the kids should be okay to play outside for a little bit.  The only problem is that Noah doesn't have any snow boots.  I bought some for Izzie awhile ago, I think they were on sale or something, but I never got around to buying some for Noah.  We really haven't had any snow that would warrant me running out to get some.  I started looking around last week for some and realized my mistake of not getting them sooner.  They're hard to find now.  I'm hoping I can find some in the next few days.

Oh, and in case any family members were worried about Kris driving the Neon this evening in the snow, he's fine.  On his way to the church he sent me a text that said, 'gggaaarrrrrjhhhhhh'.  I called him to make sure he hadn't been in a car accident or something.  Of course, he was just annoyed that everyone on the road was driving ridiculously slow.  He said it was hard for him to even keep the neon idling with how slow everyone was going.  I told him that going slow was better than going fast, yadayadayada.  I received a text a little while later saying he had finally arrived at the church.  So yah...Umm, maybe you're more worried now that he'll drive too fast.  But as of now, he's still alive and not in a ditch somewhere. 

We will see what tomorrow brings...


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