"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The beast is out.  What can I say about my sweet, sweet daughter.  I love her to pieces.  She has the most beautiful smile and she smiles with her eyes.  She has these incredibly, long eyelashes and her lil' bootie is so cute.  She loves to dance and has her own, unique dance moves.  She can walk forward, backward and sideways.  Her favorite word is NO and she expressively uses it when she's getting her diaper changed, or being scolded.  She tries to get into everything she's not supposed to and everything that can break or hurt her.  She likes shiny and glass objects; cords, outlets, and any kind of switch.  She has no fear and is completely unaware of the danger she puts herself in.  Every toy has become a means or tool to get something else or climb as high as she can just to fling herself into the air.  She pushes her chair against her music table, stands on her chair, climbs up and then stands on her music table and tries to reach something that mommy thinks she couldn't possibly reach.  She also likes to flip all her toys upside down, and tries to throw them around.  We're talking big objects here.  The floor, highchair, her face, and especially her hair are her very own masterpieces of artwork at meal times.  She thinks she has a cupboard of her very own chew toys, a.k.a, tupperware.  If she walks by any kind of washcloth, kitchen towel, or any other kind of towel that's hanging, she must pull it off.  She is the queen of tee-peeing...is that how you spell that?  She has her very own magic trick.  She puts toys, sippy cups, and anything else she can find that will fit, into her diaper dekor and they magically disappear.  She loves playing outside and must lick, chew or just taste every rock and stick she picks up.  If she doesn't want to go down for a nap right away, I usually walk into what looks like a massacre of animals (from her crib) all over the floor.  She exercises her vocal cords on a daily basis, usually when she's protesting some injustice inflicted on her by mommy or daddy.  She thinks temper tantrums are just a way of expressing her bodily movement.  She will do what she wants, when and where she wants and she must try everything for herself. 

I love watching Izabelle discover and learn new things and new ways to do things.  Sometimes it can be very trying but I think Izzy is perfect the way she is.  I love her spunkiness and sassiness.  I love her outgoing, loud personality.  She keeps me busy and life with Izabelle is definately never boring.         

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