"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weak stomachs beware...

Over the past couple of weeks Izabelle has pooped a couple of times in the bathtub.  It really wasn't her fault because it was either soon after dinner or one night it was after a trip to Dairy Boy.  We all know what dairy does.  Both times she got really quite and then we saw the log.  Kris was also with me both times and we were able to get her out and get the poop out before it became a big mess.  Kris, of course, freaked out and thought it was the grossest thing ever.  He sprayed the tub with a whole bottle of cleaner and soaked the tub in hot water.  

On a side note, it's kind of funny because you wouldn't expect someone like Kris to get grossed out by baby things.  He's a manly man and there's not much that disgusts him.  But he doesn't like it when Izzy makes any kind of mess whether it's a poopy mess or a dinner mess.  If she gets food on the floor or all over her, he gets upset.  And I think the reason stems from his childhood.  He never liked to get any kind of mess on him when he was little.  He didn't like to have a dirty face or dirty hands.  It's funny now because he's such a grease monkey.

Anyway, Kris is back on 12 hours so it was just Izzy and me.  I gave her a bath and while she was playing in the tub I was cleaning out one of the bathroom drawers.  I didn't realize how quite she had become.  I looked at her, and thought, what is she playing with.....POOP!!  She was playing with her POOP!  It was floating everywhere, and she was picking up all the pieces.  She had corn bread pudding for dinner so there was little pieces of corn in her poop.  I went to grab her and she knew that she shouldn't be playing with her poop.  She started trying to grab more as I picked her up and got her out of the tub.  Then she wanted to pat my face with her hands, which had poop all over them.  I almost puked.  I cleaned her up, although her hands still kind of smelled.  I just hope she didn't eat any. 

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