"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here are a few tid bits from Christmas 2009

1.      I'm in love with my new belgique pots and pans from my parents.  They're shiny, elegant, cook amazing, oh, and did I mention they're shiny.  I can see my reflection. 
2.      Noah loves ham, and when I say loves, I mean he had it three times in one day.  He looks like a fish when he's eating it because he sucks all the wonderful goodness that is ham and savors every bite.
3.      Izzy is in love with her kitchen.  I'm in love with her kitchen.  I think everyone is in love with her kitchen.  The only thing missing is running water.  The thought crossed my Mom's mind.  At the same time the thought of our house being turned into a water park (constructed by my very clever son) crossed my Dad's mind.    
4.      No matter what is happening in our lives, there is nothing better than spending time with our crazy families. 
5.      Kris did not fall asleep in the middle of the living room floor.
6.      We did not take our annual family picture on Christmas morning when everyone looks so lovely fresh out of bed. 
7.      We ate…a lot.  And it was good.  Oh, was it good.
8.      The babies had minimal meltdowns until the day we were leaving, which is good.
9.      Izzy has always been good with her manners, but hearing her say an emphatic thank you for every present she received pretty much melted my heart. 
10.  The only thing Noah broke was one of the pots for the kitchen. 
11.  Thanks to a gift from Josh & Darla, Izzy is now a purple butterfly all day, every day, except when she's sleeping. (Even butterflies need to rest their wings.)
12.   Everyone witnessed Noah's ability to go into stealth mode.  Soon people may actually discover that Noah is really Jack-Jack.

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