"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Sunday, February 14, 2010

IZZY IS 3!!!

What do pirates, a pink princess, Mexican food and a pinata have in common?  They were all part of Izzy's 3rd Birthday party.  Her theme was a "Pink Princess Pirate Party." 

Izzy was so excited the night before her party I'm surprised she fell asleep.  Once they were fast asleep I started getting everything ready.  I hadn't planned on staying up all night but as I was hanging the last streamer on the ceiling while precariously standing on a very unstable step ladder I happened to glance over at the clock and see that it was 6:00 am.  Where did the time go?  I still had so much to do.  The one thing I did enjoy during the night was the quiet.  Then at 7:00 I heard it.  BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Followed by an ear piercing scream.  Noah was up.  I walked in and said happy birthday to a sleepy Izabelle.  She was looking forward to her birthday and her party for so long that she looked up at me and said, "It's my birthday today?"  I walked her out to the dining room to show her all the decorations and she said, "Thank You Momma!!"  She wrapped her arms around my leg and said, "I Love You."  It was definitely worth staying up all night for.  All morning Izzy kept thanking me and telling me how much she loved everything.

Since we're all about food I'll tell you what we had.  We enjoyed enchiladas, corn cake, Spanish rice, lots of dips & chips, jello, homemade Mexican hot chocolate, and sweets.  Izzy ate macaroni & cheese and Noah ate everything else.  The birthday cake was amazing.  For the past month Izzy has been slightly obsessed with her birthday cake.  It was the topic of almost every conversation and every day she asked me where her cake was.  The morning of her birthday Kris was in and out of the house and every time Izzy saw him leave she asked him if he was going to get her cake.  After what seemed like an eternity to Izzy, Kris walked in the house with her cake and she was ecstatic.  There is a picture of it at the end of this post.  Our friend Jill makes the babies' birthday cake every year and every year they are amazing. 

We had both sides of the family over and one of Izzy's little friends came a little bit later to play for awhile.  Izzy had the best time ever.  She loved every second of her birthday.  She would have been perfectly happy with all the attention and her cake, but she had so much fun opening all of her gifts.  She received lots of girly stuff; pretend makeup, dress up shoes, a beautiful flower headband/tulle play skirt, a jewelry box, Barbie vanity, clothes, and the list goes on.  Let me just say, Izzy was in heaven.  She sat down at her vanity and laid out all of her jewelry and makeup.  She kept putting on her lip gloss and putting different things in her purse.  Between her "Argg's" and courtesies, Izzy made a great pirate princess.

The morning after:

Noah and Izzy woke up bright and early.  Izzy went over to all her new dress shoes from Auntie Amber and lined them up neatly against her wall.  Then she laid out all of her jewelry and makeup on her vanity and put on her lip gloss.   She was ready to start her day.  Even though they missed their naps and were absolutely exhausted by bedtime last night they were quite calm this morning.  We did a lot of cuddling on the couch and Izzy gave me a makeover.  Dakota stumbled out of bed long enough to scarf down some breakfast and do his business outside.  He's been sleeping all day.  And now the babies are sleeping.  Well, they were sleeping until a few seconds ago.  The beast has awoken. 

The End

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