"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Friday, February 12, 2010


Noah screaming in his sleep at 3:00 every morning for the past 3 days = Momma suffering heart palpitations, contusions on the right thigh and swollen big toe from running into the bed and door while trying to get to my baby.

Noah sure hasn't had an easy time with teething.  He basically had four molars come in at once, and it wasn't pretty. I thought he was going to get a break but he has been chewing the heck out of everything and beasting around.  Plus there is the whimpering and most recently screaming in his sleep.  It occurred to me that he has a few teeth that should have already come in but instead he had some others that came in early and so now he's getting the ones he should already have, whew.  The poor kid isn't going to get a break.

I have been waiting to hang baby pictures for various reasons, one being I just hadn't found time to do it, but I  decided that I really needed to get some pictures up before Izzy's 3 year pictures.  I've had most of the frames for a long time and all the pictures were just waiting to go into them and find their place on our wall.

As I was putting together Noah's newborn pics I was reminded once again that he has always been sort a crabby beast:)  I remember both of the babies newborn photo shoots.  Izzy was so sweet and slept almost the whole time.  When she did open her eyes she looked so angelic.  Noah...not so much.  It was difficult to find a photo where he didn't look like he wanted to maime us.  I have 5 framed framed photos of Izzy.  I have 2 framed photos of Noah.  One of them is a picture of his feet in Kris's hands.  The other one is of him screaming in Kris's hands.  I love my crabby beast.

Here are a few pictures.  My brother Josh made the name plates cause he's cool like that.

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