"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Oh, Noah...

The gap of size and height between Izzy and Noah is slowly closing in.  As Noah grows older and bigger his aggression and general behavior become beastlier.  Both the babies have been doing the rough housing thing for awhile but lately it's been turning more into a cage fight.  The cage is our house and Izzy has no where to hide as Noah seeks her out and mercilessly grabs the back of her shirt, pulls her hair, and tears her to the ground.  Izzy will cry and look bewildered as to why her little brother is taking her down and pinning her to the floor.  If Kris is home we will look at each other feeling like we're spectators in an UFC match where Noah is the new reigning champ and Izzy is the underdog who doesn't have a chance.  But I always root for the underdog so I'm rooting for Izzy.  But Noah is my baby so I'm rooting for him.  Wait, no.  I'm the ref and I put a stop to the fight and send them both to their corners or crib and bed, respectively...

Now, I need to clarify something.  Izzy is not reaping what she sowed.  Noah is not paying her back for being mean or pushing him around.  As far as big sister-little brother relationships go Izzy has always been pretty nice to Noah.  In the past both of them would instigate and push each other around.  The problem now is that Noah has a hard head, literally.  I've said this before.  He will bash his head into a corner table and not think anything of it.  He will body slam himself into a wall and bounce off laughing.  He will propel himself off the couch landing on his face and shake himself off like nothing happened.  So now, when Izzy and Noah play around it quickly turns into Izzy trying to protect herself from the onslaught.  She pushes him to the ground and it doesn't faze him.  He knocks her to the ground and she's lucky all her body parts are intact and teeth are still intact. 

Oh, Noah, how we love our beast.

"Momma, I want my grocery cart back.  I promise I won't throw it on Dakota again."

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