"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A good 'ole country singing, lady bug squashing (and maybe eating), beast exploring, family chillin' Easter weekend.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  I corralled the babies, strapped them in the car and headed to my parents for a nice, long weekend.  I got to sleep and breathe while my parents and brothers attempted to entertain and care for Izzie and the Beast, while keeping them contained in a safe environment.  My mom, Sister Amber, Izzie and me went shopping on Saturday.  Amber bought Izzie the cutest Easter dress and hat.  Izzie put on a little fashion show for us and tried on a couple of dresses.  She picked out the dress she wanted and was so excited to show off her hat.  She kept it on for the rest of the day.  After we were done shopping we went to Cold Stone and she had chocolate ice cream.  A freak storm blew in and we were all suddenly very cold.  Izzie almost blew away outside.  Her hat actually did blow away at one point. (We got it back.) 

Initially, Izzie was very excited to go to church.  She told me she wanted to get on the stage and since and dance.  She was a little disappointed when she wasn't able to.  But after the service was over she went into a room that was used for children's church and discovered a smaller stage that was perfect for her.  She gathered her audience which included my brothers and Paula V.  She went behind the curtain and we waited in anticipation.  Izzie walked out and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing…Izabelle."  She sang a few songs for us and then decided it was time for a little audience participation.  We all took turns and had our shining moment on the stage.  Izzie was very much in charge of the show.  If someone stood from their chair she would stop everything and say, "No, sit down."  And she was not even having it when Travis resisting getting on stage and doing his thing.  Eventually, she got him up there.  At first he just kind of stood there, but then there was a little hand movement, and he held Izzie's finger while she twirled.  It was definitely the highlight of the show.   

After Church, Amber and her boyfriend Brian came over to visit for a bit.  My dad broke out the Karaoke machine and Izzie revved up for her second performance of the day.  She sang by herself and then started recruiting people to sing with her.  Amber, being the great Aunt that she is, accompanied Izzie on several songs.  They were a perfect match, considering that most of the songs were country and Amber knew them.  After singing a Michelle Branch song, we decided Izzie is more suited for pop music than country music.  But my sister Amber may have a career as a country star. 

Besides State losing in the final four, it was a typical visit to the west side.  Izzie pointed out every lady bug to my dad.  And he patiently disposed of every single one.  Noah probably ate a couple of lady bugs.  They played, they ate, they got on my parents nerves (just a little…it had to happen sometime.)  And then we headed back home.  It was a short visit; too short considering we hadn't seen Nana and Papa in almost two months.  Izzie was not happy about leaving.  She wanted Papa to come with us:(  When we got home Julie and Dakota were gone and Kris was sleeping.  I was very aware of the fact that Kris and Izzie did not part on the best of terms and I was hoping for a happy reunion.  Well…when Kris got up Izzie was excited.  Things seemed to be going smoothly.  Kris left to run a couple of errands.  Izzie came up to me and said, "Daddy looks different."  I replied, "Yes, do you like it?"  Izzie paused for a second and said, "No, I don't like it.  I don't like different.  I like better.  

Baby steps Izzie, baby steps.  

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