"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Musings of Izzie

I'm always amused by Izzie's perceptions.  Once she grasps a hold of a thought or idea, she doesn't let it go until she has fully explored every nook and cranny.  She talks it out with me and if she doesn't feel I'm giving her my absolute full attention she'll say, "Momma, listen to my words."  I don't get upset.  I've said the same thing to her before.  She says it with a sweet, stern voice and sometimes I have to remove Izzie and myself from the 'distraction' a.k.a. Beast in order to hear what she is saying.

A couple of weeks ago we were talking about snow.  Whenever conversation of the white, fluffy stuff comes up, Izzie starts dreaming up elaborate snow angels and snowmen.  She pointed her finger in the air and said with a concerned look, "But Momma, we have one problem.  We need to get a carrot to put on the snow man's nose, because he has to have a carrot for his nose.  No problem.  We can make him a carrot nose.  Her mind still wasn't quite at ease.  She thought some more then said, "But Momma, we have five problems.  We need three snowballs for the snowman's body, one carrot for his nose, and one more thing....We need a hat for his head."  Okay.  "Oh, and we need some little branches for the snowman's hands...and feet too..."  The conversation continued and by the end of it I knew that we were going to have the most in vogue snowman on the block.  

Sometimes Izzie will come up to me and say something like, "What's the name of that orange store?"  Home Depot?  "Yes, that's what it's called."

Or with a desperate, longing voice she'll say, "I wish I had a broken tennis racket so I could play the guitar."  Okay, so I know I'm raising the kiddo's to appreciate the value of a dollar, not so much in words at they're age but by action.  I frequent thrift stores; I have a slight obsession with mom-to-mom sales; and I love coupons.  But for Pete's sake Izzie, I think I can find you a decent, used guitar.

She also likes to explores different cultures and beliefs, reincarnation for example.  "Momma, when I'm a little boy..." started almost every conversation last week.  Izzie, you're never going to be a little boy.  "I know, but when I grow up and I'm a little boy..."

And, sometimes she'll be hit with some sort of revelation that will shatter her little world.

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