"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It might surprise you to know that my least  favorite time of the day is also my favorite time of the day.  Before the sun rises; before any sane person thinks about getting out of the comfort of their warm bed, my bedroom door cracks open and I hear a little voice whisper, "Momma?  Momma?"  Noah used to be my late riser but ever since the time change, he started getting up earlier and earlier.  Lately, it's been around five-thirty.  I have to literally jump out of my bed and go turn the light off in the nursery and shut the door so Izzie doesn't wake up.  You see, Noah feels that when he gets up everyone should get up and that includes Izzie.  There have been a few mornings where she has been more than a little upset with him for waking her up.  

After I make sure Izzie won't be disturbed, I get back under my covers.  Noah crawls up into bed with me and cuddles up next to me.  In a perfect world, he would fall back asleep for a couple of hours, but he only lasts about half an hour before he starts pulling the covers off of me.  I'm not overly excited about how early he's been getting up.  I do love and cherish the precious and quiet cuddle time I get with him.
Last night I checked on the kids around two.  Izzie sat up straight, with a deer in the head lights look and said, "Momma, I want some water."  I ran and got some water.  When I brought it in she was shaking her hands in front of her saying, "Water, Momma, I need water."  She guzzled down some water, and went back to sleep. 

Five thirty this morning, Izzie comes in my room crying that her hand hurts and she's thirsty.  Noah was right behind her, but he looked half asleep.  I gave Izzie some water and they both snuggled in bed with me.  Noah curled right up with me and fell back asleep.  I almost cried it was so cute.  Plus I was tired.  I'm emotional when I'm tired...and when my babies do something cute...and when I think about my babies doing something cute.  Izzie was next to Noah and she fell back asleep too, but she woke up every twenty minutes or so lamenting about a body part hurting and saying she was thirsty.  Over the next two hours, she drank over eight ounces of water.  She would tell me her hand hurt, or her leg hurt.  She even told me her hair hurt.  I think her whole body was aching, but she couldn't clearly put into words how she was feeling.  She was still feverish and considering how much water she was drinking, probably dehydrated.  But I'm so so thankful that she was drinking lots of water and not throwing up.  She's usually the one who always throws up when she's sick and it just goes down hill from there.  But this morning she was drinking and eating even though she didn't feel good.  She had a couple pieces of toast, and starting crying again.  I took her back to bed with me and Noah watched 'Cars.' 

Izzie and I slept on and off for a couple more hours.  She would wake up and start crying and then fall back asleep.  Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Noah wasn't left by himself unsupervised while we were sleeping.  Kris was home.  He didn't work late today because he had a long over due dentist appointment. (which didn't go nearly as bad as he thought it would.)  When it was time for Kris to leave, I moved Izzie to the couch and she watched 'Cars.'  Oh, wait.  Wasn't that just on?  Didn't Noah just watch that movie?  He couldn't possibly sit down and watch it again.  Oh, yes he could and he did.  He didn't really sit down though.  He jumped on the couch shouting, "Kachow!"  He moved around the room like a truck when Mack was driving on the highway.  He said, "Look Momma, cool cars" when the pimped out cars showed up to cause trouble for Mack.  He shouted out the names of all the main cars and jumped with excitement when they raced.  He sprawled all over the living room and  sang every word to all the songs.  Just for the record, I do not let my kids sit and watch Cars all day every day.  But today was an exception.  No one was feeling well and it was freezing outside, as it has been every day this week.  Cuddling up on the couch with blankets and Momma was just what the doctor ordered.  

After Izzie watched Cars she started to perk up and ate some more.  She loves playing with the nativity scene that Grandma and Bepa brought over.  As the day went on she felt better and better.  I actually had to get her to calm down a few times because I didn't want her to wear herself out.  Their sleep schedule was so off today so neither took a nap.  I got them in bed by quarter past seven and they both fell asleep right away.

We're hoping tomorrow will be a better day...

 I took all the sheets and blankets off the bed so I could wash them and she wanted to lay on top of the mattress to see how comfortable it was. 

 Sometime Noah loves Dakota and sometimes he's scared of him.  Today Dakota licked Noah in the face, which Noah didn't handle to well.  A little later Dakota started barking ferociously at the FedEx guy and Noah hid in the laundry basket.

 The Little People nativity scene that Grandma and Bepa brought over for the holidays.  We picked up a stray cow from the hallway, and one of the wise men was kicking it with Noah in the ark.

 Grandma and Bepa brought an ornament over for the kids.

They found them in Frankemuth.  They're much cuter in person.

P.S.  Noah peed in the potty chair tonight.  I'm not expecting him to be trained over night but we were all pretty excited.  Every night he gets in the bathtub, looks down at the water and his doodle; then he pees.  He gets out of the tub, sits in the potty chair and says, "All done".  I say good job Noah.  We just need to work on your execution a little.  So tonight, I had him sit on the potty chair right away and told him to just sit there.  I was hoping when he saw or heard Izzie go pee or if he sat there neked long enough he might go.  Before Izzie even hopped up on the toilet, Noah tinkled a little bit in his potty chair.  Of course I freaked out and yelled for Kris to come to the bathroom.  Everyone started giving high fives and fist bumps to Noah.  Izzie was the proudest of all.  "Good job Noah!"  What a great big sister. 

Noah got in the tub, looked down at the water and his doodle and...peed.

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