"Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I need to dig my trench deeper.

I live in the trenches of motherhood.  Wait a minute.  I thought trenches were supposed to help conceal and protect in warfare.  I have to yet to find a way to protect myself from Beast.  I suppose I could wear myself in full body armor, but how weird would that look.  After tonight, I might at least invest in some extra padding for my legs...Our day ended with surrender on one side due to sheer exhaustion.  

But first let me tell you how our day started.  Izzie had another rough night.  That darn gag reflex is a thorn in her side.  She starting coughing which quickly led to gagging and spitting up phlegm.  Her esophagus and everything was all irritated and she couldn't stop coughing and hacking up stuff.  I had her stay in my room with me so she wouldn't disturb Noah.  We were basically up all night.  She tossed and turned.  She coughed and cried.  Literally, every ten to fifteen minutes she would start crying and say her throat hurt.  One time I asked her what was wrong and she said, "My throat hurts...and my head hurts...and my tummy hurts...and my eye hurts..."  I kept some water and Kleenex by my nightstand so I could grab it easily for her.  

The worst part of the night was when she would cough and cry so hard, she would start panicking.  She would flail her body all over the place because she couldn't breathe.  I would wrap my arms around her and tell her to breathe in and out with me.  She did this panicky thing several times.  It kind of freaked me out because she's never been like that before.  She was so tired and her throat was probably raw from coughing so much.  She was coming off a virus and not getting much sleep due to that and Noah waking her up early.  She's just had a rough couple of weeks.

As you can imagine Izzie and I were exhausted today.  Her eyes were blood shot and she had huge, blue circles under her eyes.  She laid on the couch and lounged around all morning then got up to make some Birthday cards for Daddy.  Kris turned the big 34 today and the kids were pretty excited.  Izzie and I made him the lemon cake he asks for every year.  His birthday present was a NERF N-Force Stampede ECS-50.  It's as intense as it sounds.  Well, as intense as a Nerf assault rifle can be  It's an automatic weapon and can shoot off 18 rounds in one clip.  I'm sure Kris will only use it for good.  He promised me his intentions were harmless.  

Kris had to work at the church all day so we went up there early this afternoon to celebrate his birthday for a little bit.  Noah got to play the drums for a few minutes and Izzie sang us a few songs in the mic.  I needed to run an errand before heading home but was reconsidering what to do as I watched my son run around shouting "No!" and throwing a couple of tantrums.  I weighed my options.  I could go home and get what I needed in the next couple of days.  But I was still going to have to take the kids with me when I did go.  I was already out and the store I needed to go to was next door.  I mean it was actually next door.  I would be in and out in a five minutes.  That's less time than it took Kris to put on Noah's winter coat when it was time to leave.  

We said goodbye to Kris and I drove next door to Hobby Lobby.  I got the kids into the store okay.  As soon as I put Noah in the cart he started protesting.  Things went from Def Con 5 to Def Con 1 in a matter of seconds.  I've handled Noah's outbursts in public before but this was bad.  When I decided to leave, it wasn't even an option.  Every time I tried to get Noah's coat back on, he would start kicking me and pushing me away with his hands.  The whole time this was going on Izzie was peacefully wandering down the aisle looking at the ornaments.  She was completely tuned out to Noah's screams.  Boy, was he screaming and shouting.  A few people gave me looks, but I really didn't care.  I just wanted to calm the child and was at a loss of how to do so.  He was so worked up the only thing I could do was stand near him and tell him to calm down and try to talk to him.  Finally, he stopped screaming and his tears of anger turned to tears of exhaustion.  He cradled his head in my neck and heaved a big sigh.  He had nothing left to fuel his tantrum.  It died out and we ended up getting what we needed.  I had barely left the parking lot when I peeked back to see Noah was out.  Even a Beast has his limits.  Izzie fell asleep too.  Being woken up by a numbing cold sharpness biting you in the face is one of life's cruelties.  Noah warmed up right away and devoured his dinner.  Poor Izzie huddled in her chair all wrapped up in her blanket.  She was cold and tired.  She managed to eat a little but what she really needed was sleep.  After a nice warm bath and rocking with Momma, she fell fast asleep.  Noah wasn't far behind her.

I was able to get them to bed early and all I want is for them to have a good nights sleep.  They get to see their Auntie Di Di tomorrow.  We haven't seen her in a year and a half.  Even though I'm about to pass out from exhaustion I'm also bursting with excitement.  

It won't be long now.                                                                             


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